Privacy Policy

Comox Valley Newcomers’ Privacy Policy (as of February 13, 2023)

How we protect your information:

Personal Information
When you apply for membership with the Comox Valley Newcomers’ Club (CVNC) you provide personal information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail. The CVNC uses it to notify you of CVNC activities. The CVNC also keeps a roster of member contact information that all members can access.

We will not sell, give, or disclose to any third parties your information. However, while you are a member and for a period of 24 months post-membership, if we are contacted by one of the two Comox Valley alumnae groups, we will confirm your status as a current or former CVNC member. We will purge your information within 24 months of the end of your membership. By accepting the CVNC membership, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described.

Financial Information
Membership fee and event payments are payable via a link to a third-party service provider. The CVNC will make reasonable commercial efforts to select a service provider that understands and applies the legal obligations to respect the privacy of information given.

We encourage you to review the service provider’s privacy policy. CVNC does not collect or store financial information. By accepting the CVNC membership, you acknowledge and confirm that you cannot hold the CVNC liable for the use of your information by third parties.

Photographs and Digital Images
The CVNC may take photographs or videos that include CVNC members (and guests) to use in promotional materials. This may be on its website and in member communications. A third-party organization hosting a CVNC function may also take images for their own promotional activities.

By participating in CVNC events, you acknowledge images may be taken and consent to the use of the images for the purposes described here. If you do not want your photo taken or used, it is your sole responsibility to advise the CVNC Executive in advance and in writing and remove yourself from the photo opportunity.