Welcome & Life Events

The Welcome & Life Events Committee supports our members in several ways.

We help to make new members feel welcome as soon as they join. Our team calls new members, welcomes them to the club and suggests activities that may suit their interests.This gives new members the chance to ask questions about our club and our community. This personal touch can be particularly important when you are new to a community and our club.

Birthday Lunch: Birthdays are a time to celebrate! The Committee organizes a monthly gathering to recognize members with birthdays that month. It may be lunch at a local restaurant, a virtual Zoom party or takeout at a park. Watch for an email invitation with details during the month of your birthday.

We hope you will plan to join us!

Cards are sent to celebrate milestones, express condolences, or offer care when needed. We rely on our members to keep us in the loop when a someone would appreciate a card.

For more info please contact either Eileen Shackell ( eileen.shackell@gmail.com) OR Sara Strachan (sarastrachandragon@gmail.com)