Safety Plans

Comox Valley Newcomers’ Club Safety Plan

IMPORTANT: Before attending a Newcomers Event, review the applicable Safety Plan:

These Safety Plans are updated as Provincial Health Office (PHO) orders change. Always follow the directions of your event Convener.

General Safety Information:
  1. COVID-19 Safety
  2. Safety Basics
  3. Alcohol at Newcomers’ Events
  4. Physical Activity Events
  5. Planning New Events
1-COVID-19 Safety (April 8, 2022)

COVID-19 has made all of us change some practices to help ensure the safety of ourselves and others. Many of these things are common sense and echo Mom’s advice!

We are all responsible for doing our part. Review the applicable Safety Plan (above) and use these helpful links before attending a Newcomers’ event:

CVNC Executive Responsibilities:
The Club’s executive is committed to keeping members and our community as safe as possible. We have provided the above COVID-19 Safety Plans, based on the most current BC PHO orders. We will update these as needed.

Convener’s Responsibilities:
Newcomers’ conveners are vital to the success of our events. They plan and organize events and ensure members follow the Club’s Safety Plans, as well as adding any safety items specific to their activity. Conveners will:

  • Advise participants to review the applicable Safety Plan.
  • Add additional safety items, as they see fit.
  • Plan routes or event details.
  • Announce when the event is over.

Member Responsibilities:
As a CVNC member engaging in a club event, please:

  • Ensure your membership is up-to-date.
  • Review and comply with the Club’s Safety Plans.
  • Follow the direction of the Event Convener.

Non-members Responsibilities:
To get to know us before joining, non-members may attend a Monday or Friday Walk (three maximum) and one General Meeting. Before participating:

  • Read and follow the applicable Safety Plan (above).
  • Agree to provide information for contact tracing.
  • Complete and submit the Waiver Agreement (PDF).
2-Safety Basics:

 These basic tips make all events safer and more fun for everyone:

  • Do not attend if you feel ill.
  • Conveners of physical outdoor activities carry basic, portable First Aid kits to deal with minor injuries only.
  • Bring your own essential safety items like a knee brace, epi-pen, inhaler, etc.
  • Advise the event convener of any health concerns that may affect your safety or the safety of others.
  • Conveners carry cellphones to contact emergency services if needed, however, cell range can be unpredictable.
  • Review the relevant Safety Plan at the top of this page.
  • Always follow the direction of the event convener.
  • Watch out for each other!
3-Alcohol at Newcomers’ Events:

As a host: When hosting a club event in your home where alcohol is served, we expect you to act responsibly, just as you would when entertaining friends or family. The Insurance Bureau of Canada site provides information to guide you in the safe serving of alcohol. Also, ensure you have adequate liability coverage through your own insurance policy.

As a guest: Whether you attend a club event in a private home or licensed premises, be responsible for your own alcohol intake. BC currently has the toughest drinking and driving laws in Canada, with strict penalties. Plan for a designated driver or travel by cab.

4-Physical Activity Events

The Newcomers’ Club outdoor physical activities are not “extreme sports”, but some can be physically challenging and may involve an hour or more of constant movement. While we explore the beautiful Comox Valley together, follow these basic safety steps:

  • Read the Convener’s route description to judge your own ability to participate or contact the Convener to discuss any concerns.
  • Wear appropriate gear for the event and the weather.
  • Any equipment (bicycle, snowshoes, etc.) should be in good working order.
  • Review the Outdoor Event Safety Plan (above).
5-New Event Ideas

Events are what Newcomers’ is about! As a volunteer-based club, all ideas for events came from, and are run by, our members. Events can be regularly occurring like Walks and Birthday Luncheons, or onetime-only like zip-lining or a gallery visit. If you have an idea, there are sure to be others who want to join you!

  • Do you have a special talent to share?
  • Would you like a different outdoor activity–perhaps more challenging or easier or on another day than currently offered?
  • Do you have an idea for an indoor activity, either in your home or at a public venue?
  • Would you like others to join you in attending an upcoming local event?

Event conveners know that convening an event is the best way to connect and get to know fellow Newcomers. The Club’s Activity Coordinator ( is happy to help you get started planning a fun and safe event!